General rental conditions

General rental conditions Haffkamp Campers B.V. (as of October 1, 2020)

Article 1. Information for the price.

The tenant agrees with the agreed price + deposit. Upon departure and return, a transfer of the object will be made together with the tenant. The transfer describes and explains the object. Feel free to take photos before departure of defects (scratches and dents). By means of photos, the damages are clearly demonstrable and there is no discussion afterwards.

Article 2a. Payment and booking

Final booking takes place when (part of) the rent has been (in advance). 6 weeks before departure, the remaining amount + deposit must be paid. Unless otherwise agreed in writing. In the event of non-payment by the tenant, Haffkamp Campers B.V. is entitled to consider this agreement as dissolved without the intervention of the court, without being obliged to refund the deposit already made. When dissolving this agreement, the cancellation conditions of Article 3.1 will be applied. The deposit will be, in case of no damage, within max. 7 working days refunded. During holiday periods within max. 10 working days.

Article 2b. General rental conditions

By paying (down) for the booking, the tenant declares to be known and to agree with the general rental conditions. The rental conditions are posted on the website and are read and confirmed by the tenant at the time of booking. The rental conditions are made available on departure and the landlord signed with the rental conditions to agree on departure.

Article 2c. Schade bij inlevering

>Damage that has occurred during your rental period must be sent directly by e-mail with photos to  This allows us to order the necessary parts in time. In order to handle damages quickly and to be able to quickly refund any remaining deposit, we have listed the most common damages for you here:
  • Mirror half integral & bus camper defective from € 450,-
  • Mirror integral defect from € 850,-
  • Mirror glass defective from € 50,-
  • Scratch or dent on side wall / back wall (under 2 meters) € 1.500,-
  • Bumper part defective/damaged max. € 1.500,-
  • Bumper over full width defective max. € 1.500,-
  • Door / fender / frame / hood damaged € 350,-
  • Electric step damaged € 800,-
  • Windscreen star € 110,-
  • Windscreen complete € 700,- (with rain sensor €100,- extra), integral €1.500,- (under 2 meters)
  • Screen door 80cm defective € 450,-
  • Screen door extra wide defective € 600,-
  • Bike carrier bent (hit or heavily loaded) € 500,- or the price of a new one
  • Smoke damage and /or smoke smell (cigarettes, cigars) € 1.000,-
  • Awning defective depending on model but is damage above 2 meters
  • Damage above 2 meters up to a maximum of € 2,500 after assessment per event (B driver’s license car)
  • Damage above 2 meters up to a maximum of € 3,500 after assessment per event (C-driver’s license car)
  • For damages smaller than € 1,500, – the entire deposit will not be withheld but the damage will restore the regular hourly wage (65, – excl. VAT) will be passed on to the tenant.

Article 3. Cancel

The tenant must cancel by registered letter or e-mail. In the case of registered letter, the date of the delivery by post is the cancellation date. If the cancellation is communicated by e-mail, the date of our confirmation email is the cancellation date.

  • In the event of cancellation, the tenant owes the following cancellation costs: up to 12 weeks before the start of the user period: 25% of the agreed sum. With a minimum amount of 1000 euros. 12 to 6 weeks before the start of the user period: 60% of the agreed sum. 6 weeks until the start of the user period: 90% of the agreed sum. From the start of the user period: 100% of the agreed sum
  • The earlier return of the object will never lead to a refund or a part of the agreed sum.
  • If the camper breaks down, Haffkamp Campers B.V. will use another camper. Haffkamp Campers B.V. will offer a replacement camper within 48 hours. By means of the machine guarantee option, a guaranteed machine guarantee can be given when booking, so that in the event of a breakdown, a guaranteed machine can be used as a replacement object. In the event of a breakdown, the customer can only cancel if you have an automatic driving licence.

Article 4. Use and maintenance

  • The object may only be driven by drivers of at least 25 years and have been in possession of a valid driving license B for at least 5 years. The license must be valid for the entire user period.
  • The tenant undertakes to handle the object with care. He will use the object in accordance with its normal purpose (only in Europe see art.5) and in accordance with local laws, regulations, regulations, etc.
  • It is forbidden to use the object or to have it used for participation in or training for reliability rides, competitions, rallies, etc., for smuggling purposes, transport of dangerous goods, giving driving instruction, towing other vehicles and transporting people and goods for a fee.
  • The tenant undertakes not to rent, pledge, give custody, lend or dispose of the object in any way, however named, contrary to the interests of the owner.
  • Haffkamp Campers B.V. is obliged to maintain the object. Haffkamp Campers B.V. checks the tires, tire pressure and fluids before each issue. During the rental period, the tenant must check this.

Article 5. Insurance

  • The object is insured against the risk of Legal Liability, fire and theft (so-called All-Risk).
  • For each damage event, the tenant has a deductible of € 1,500. In case of damage above 2 meters, a deductible of € 2,500 per event applies. For cars with a large driver’s license, the maximum deductible is € 3500 per event.
  • Advice is to take out an extra excess for rental cars. This does not go through us, but you can close it online through various authorities.
  • If you rent a rental car or motorhome more often, you can even take that out for a whole year. This is cheaper when renting longer than 17 days a year. The objects are insured in the following countries; The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (areas under the control of the Republic) , Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia, Andorra, Moldova. Insurance is not possible in other countries.

  • If the damage is caused because the driver does not meet the requirements set under Article 4, or because the driver was under the influence of alcoholic beverages, all possible damage to the object or to third parties is for the account of the user. Damage to the object due to carelessness is never for the account of Haffkamp Campers B.V.
  • Reporting damage is mandatory and must be reported by e-mail with photos. If a damage is not reported, the landlord can impose a fine.
  • it is forbidden to travel to areas and/or countries with a negative travel advice (only code red).

Article 6. Commissioning and delivery

  • The rental period starts on the date and time as stated in the agreement and ends on the date and time as stated in the agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • If, for whatever reason, the lessor is unable to make the object available to the renter, the lessor will be entitled either to make a replacement vehicle available to the renter within 48 hours, or to dissolve the agreement without the intervention of the court, or at least to declare it dissolved. The rent will be paid back plus a compensation of € 20.00 per day that the tenant cannot use the object.
  • Upon receipt of the object, the tenant declares by means of signature that he has received the object in good and cleaned condition.
  • Deviation from the rental period is possible if this has been agreed in writing.

Article 7. Exceeding the agreed term

If the object has not been returned to Haffkamp Campers B.V. within the agreed period, the use ends at the original agreed time, while the provisions of this agreement remain in force. If the agreed term of use is exceeded, Haffkamp Campers B.V. is entitled to charge the tenant the extra expenses for the period that the object was returned later. In addition, Haffkamp Campers B.V. is entitled to charge the tenant for all damage caused by not returning the object on time, including all ancillary costs. This concerns the rental costs, the expenses for accommodating the new tenants, extra personnel costs, hiring costs and any extra travel costs that have to be incurred. The tenant undertakes to return the object with all accessories in good and normal condition at the end of the agreed period to Haffkamp Campers B.V. Late, not clean or incomplete return of the object gives the landlord the right to charge expenses / waiting hours (€ 75, – p/h ex VAT).

Article 8. Costs during the user period

  • With due observance of what is provisions of Article 9 of this agreement that during the entire time that the renter has the object, all costs associated with the use of the object such as fuel, storage, engine oil, tire repair, fines and toll roads (+ € 15 administration costs) etc. are for the account of the tenant.
  • Any towing costs and transport costs of the object and / or the occupants are for the account of the tenant in case of negligence. In other situations, our insurance covers these costs.

Article 9. Repairs

All repairs to the object must be carried out by an approved company. Necessary repairs along the way will be reimbursed by Haffkamp Campers B.V., provided that he cannot be blamed for negligence, gross negligence or intent. Repairs that do not exceed a cost of € 100, – must be reported but can be done without the permission of Haffkamp Campers B.V. Necessary repairs to the object that are higher than € 100, – may only be carried out after prior written permission from Haffkamp Campers B.V.. The repair costs incurred by the tenant will be reimbursed after presentation of a VAT bill and after handing in any parts to be replaced. If a car cannot be used due to a defect, we will offer an alternative. We cannot guarantee automatic transmission and power. In the event of a defect, the cancellation from the customer is only possible if you have an automatic driving license. Cancellation is also possible if the landlord has no suitable alternative with regard to the number of seats and sleeping places. Price differences to the detriment of the customer will be reimbursed.

Article 10. Report in the event of damage/collisions

In the event of damage, whether or not caused by fault of the tenant, to the object or to third parties, the tenant is obliged to immediately inform Haffkamp Campers B.V. in writing by e-mail to and to confirm it by completing the European Claim Form. The renter is obliged to follow the instructions of Haffkamp Campers B.V. and, if necessary, to have the police draw up an official report. In the event of failure to comply with the aforementioned notification and failure to follow the instructions, the tenant will be liable for the damage suffered by Haffkamp Campers B.V.

Article 11. Risk

  1. The tenant indemnifies Haffkamp Campers B.V. for all damage caused by passengers or third parties, for which the owner may be liable under Article 31 of the Road Traffic Act or in accordance with provisions abroad.
  2. The renter indemnifies Haffkamp Campers B.V. for all fines paid to Haffkamp Campers B.V. may be imposed with regard to violations and criminal offenses committed by the tenant during the rental period.
  3. Paragraphs 1 and 2 do not apply if the fines are the result of a defect in the object that was already present at the start of the rental agreement.

Article 12. Damage of the tenant

  • Any costs and/or damage, which arise for the renter or third parties as a result of this defect and/or damage to the vehicle, Haffkamp Campers B.V. bears liability through its liability insurance.
  • If the renter is unable to use the vehicle during the user period due to unforeseen circumstances, the lessor bears no liability for the resulting damages and costs, but the renter remains bound to the agreed rental price.. However, the lessor will provide replacement transport.
  • The renter is only then not obliged to pay the agreed rent if he proves that he cannot use the object at all and that the complete inability to use the object is the result of a defect of the object, which was already present at the start of the agreement, or the late provision of the object by Haffkamp Campers B.V.

Article 13. Seizure

The renter undertakes to notify Haffkamp Campers B.V. in writing within 24 hours of any seizure of the object, if the object becomes out of the control of the tenant, if third parties assert rights with regard to the object or if any other circumstances arise that may harm the interests of Haffkamp Campers B.V.

Article 14. Dissolution of the agreement

Haffkamp Campers B.V. has the right to dissolve the agreement at any time without judicial intervention, if in its opinion the object is not used carefully by the tenant, in which case the lessor is entitled to take the object immediately, without prejudice to his right to compensation. For this, the landlord offers rules of conduct, tips and professional explanations upon departure.

Article 15. Dissolution of the agreement

In objects, with prior written permission, it is allowed to take a dog into the object. After consultation because not all dogs are allowed and the dog is not allowed on the upholstery or the bed. Smoking is not allowed in any object. In case of non-reporting or violation thereof, the entire deposit will be withheld.

Article 16. Cleaning

The object is delivered to the user as follows: Clean outside and inside, full fuel tank on pitch, clean water tank min 1/2 filled, empty dirty water tank and toilet tank, clean refrigerator, clean toilet room, clean driver’s compartment, clean windows. The object must be returned by the user in the same condition as the user received the object from the tenant. If the user does not meet the requirements set by the owner, the following cleaning costs follow: waste water tank not emptied € 35.00, toilet tank or toilet not emptied / clean € 75.00, inside not clean € 100.00 or the number of hours a € 75 p / h that is needed, sinks not clean € 25.00, refrigerator not cleaned € 25.00, upholstery heavily contaminated from € 100.00, driver’s room / front windows on the inside not clean € 25.00, Fuel tank not full = Fuel costs + € 15.00.

Unless it has been agreed (in writing) that the landlord cleans one or more items. If there is damage to inventory or if parts break or are lost, an identical copy may be purchased as a replacement

Article 17. Storage

The storage of the renter’s vehicle is permitted during the rental period on the premises of Haffkamp Campers B.V. at your own risk. It is an enclosed area.

Article 18. Applicable law

Dutch law applies.
These conditions are met by both parties and will be strictly observed.